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Perhaps the most unusual feature of the Trump administration’s new National Security Strategy (NSS) is its heavy focus on domestic issues. Though the document covers issues from infrastructure to the manufacturing base, this is perhaps most apparent in the document’s strong focus on immigration. While previous NSS documents have briefly addressed the question of illegal immigration, this document is perhaps unique in its assertion that legal immigration is also a national security concern.
Certainly, the document does address some accurate immigration and border-related concerns, though it massively overstates their impact. Terrorism and transnational criminal networks do pose a threat to the United States, even if this threat is typically overblown. The NSS wades into murkier waters when it states that: 
“illegal immigration… burdens the economy, [and] hurts American workers…”
But while this is inaccurate, it is not entirely out-of-step with previous administrations and their approach to illegal immigration. The most jarring difference between this and prior NSS documents, however, comes in the Trump administration’s characterization of legal immigration as a national security concern, stating that:
“We will also reform our current immigration system, which, contrary to our national interest and national security, allows for randomized entry and extended-family chain migration.”

The Syria War

The Syria War

Syria’s civil war is now in its eighth year with no end in sight. The conflict has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives and has sparked the largest population exodus since World War II, with more than six and one-half million displaced inside Syria and over five and one half million seeking refuge in neighboring countries. An estimated 2.3 million remain trapped in besieged and hard-to-reach areas, where they are at-risk of human rights violations. Many lack even the most basic assistance in what has become the largest and most complex humanitarian catastrophe in our world today.

Causes of Deportation

Excluding migrants expelled because they have been seized at or near the border, most of the rest of deportees have a record. What happens is that there can be a huge difference between one case and another.
But having been convicted of a single crime even if it is not aggravated is also a cause of deportation. In general, it can be said that we speak of a crime (felony) when the maximum sentence that can be imposed is greater than one year in prison, even if the convicted person is imposed one of less time.

Gun Control

Since 1960, around 1.3 million people have died in the United States due to weapons. There is no possible comparison with any other developed country: the staggering rate of homicides with weapons in the United States is 20 times greater than that of the next 22 developed countries combined. Then, what can be done?

First of all, we must recognize that prohibition is impossible. This is usually attributed to the influence of the National Rifle Association (NRA), but its importance has been exaggerated, since many other civilian groups, such as the National Association of Education (NEA), also have millions of members. It happens that the NRA contributes modest donations to the Republican Party. The repeal of the second amendment to the Constitution would also be an unrealistic goal, especially following the Supreme Court decision in 2012 in the Heller case against the District of Columbia, in which it defined the amendment as a defense of individual rights, instead of a right of the State to maintain militias.

The issue, moreover, is that most Americans accept the second amendment, and the possession of weapons is part of American culture. People own weapons, go to arms fairs, buy weapons from their children and participate in shooting competitions. They consider the possession of weapons as an intrinsically American trait, a legacy of the eighteenth century when a pistol meant the individual right to confront a despotic government. There are, in fact, 270 million weapons in the hands of individuals in the United States: practically one per person. This means that a ban, even if possible, would hardly have any impact.

Aluminum in your antiperspirants

If you were to look at the ingredients in your deodorant right now, majority of you would find that there is aluminum present. Why is that a big deal you ask?   Aluminum salts are commonly used as an antiperspirant agent in traditional deodorants.  Basically, the aluminum salts help you to not sweat by completely blocking your pores.  Which is problematic for a few reasons.   Aluminum stops the sweat, and when you prevent your body from sweating, you’re withholding the many necessary sweating benefits from it as well. Sweating is our body’s natural way to rid itself of toxins, regulate body temperature, and promote a strong immune system.  Aluminum basically just presses the pause button on all of these processes. Aluminum is found in antiperspirants. So the next time you go to the store, make sure your deodorant does not say antiperspirants and always check the ingredients.

 A glass of wine will not affect my baby.” False, drinking at any time during pregnancy will cause severe problems to your child. I have been working at an OB/GYN office since 2014, and a glass of wine affects the baby’s health as much as drugs do. In Complete Women’s Care, my current job, We have had cases where mothers care more about how drugs make them feel that their baby’s health. I used to be part of the population that is against abortion; since one day that I was in a room with a newborn baby that starting going on withdrawal due to his mother addiction to heroin during pregnancy. Mothers who take drugs during pregnancy give birth to babies who are physically dependent on those same drugs.

Online Dating

Since the inception of online dating in the late ’90s over 40 million Americans have tried online dating. However, while so many have found success many people see both positives and negatives to dating in the digital age. The sheer amount of options that online dating programs and digital apps present to the user is largely the most debatable issue in this new age.  Secondly, once a user has weeded through the options the validity of their “one true love” is also up for debate. Finally, the day in day out the conversation you have with your digital mate is also up for debate on whether or not it is effective in a long-term sense. Despite the number of pros and cons, many analysts believe that you can make online dating work for you.

​        The old verbiage “you are like a kid in a candy store” can most definitely be applied to the world of online dating, with the sheer number of programs focused on the prospect of helping single people find true love for a small monthly fee. However, the sheer amount of options these programs and apps give their users and its relative effectiveness is up for debate. On the one hand, depending on a user’s geographic area, sexual orientation, or lifestyle the number of options and the ability to expand your search by radius can very much enhance a person’s ability to find a partner or date. However, the number of choices these apps can propose can be overwhelming and create a “grass is greener” mindset with the user where they are constantly searching for the “perfect” date. By going into the dating pool with a general idea of what you would like in a partner you can limit the amount of fish in the sea to a small lake based on your predetermined list of must-have features.

​          Many apps and sites have a number of personality tests and filters to assist in matching users. These tests allow the user to narrow down the options and find suitable and compatible candidates. However, these tests are not always accurate and do not take into account how people can change over time in certain situations or relationships thus impairing the effectiveness of the match.  Although flawed, one positive of the tests is that they limit the number of candidates allowing the user to make a more guided opinion. Experts advise using these tests as a guide but following up with communication and inevitably going with your gut on whether you should pursue a relationship with your virtual match.

​         The act of dating at its core is an open dialogue between two individuals with the intended purpose of entering into a relationship. Online dating offers a number of ways in which users can communicate without meeting face to face, these methods are both risk-averse and convenient for the users. However, there is more to human communication than simple words and this type of digital communication does not pick up non-verbal cues or implications of someone’s speech pattern thus not giving either user a genuine connection with the other. These apps are designed to be the inception of a relationship allowing two individuals to share basic information under the assumption an early dialogue will result in face to face interaction, however, if users continually limit communication to the digital space the relationship will fizzle out in due course.

​        According to the Huffington Post, (Online Dating vs. Offline Dating: Pros & Cons, Julie Spira), one in five relationships in the United States starts on some sort of digital platform. The pros and cons of this process are clear, but like most exercises, the success of this practice is limited to how much a person invests into the exercise, and the success of these relationships depends on the input of two individuals. The search, the eventual match and the inception of the relationship are the basis of these programs and can be quite burdensome if not approached in the correct way. However, in this digital age, it is clear online dating works and is here to stay.



What is your why?

I was not born into a wealthy family. Neither of my parents have college degrees. I don’t get things handed to me, I have to work for them. These things I am grateful for because it gives me the motivation and drive in life, to do better. I want more in life than what my parents had. I want my daughter to have more in life than what I will be able to achieve.  I want to better my self so that I may provide a better life for my family. I’d like to give my daughter better life chances than I had. This is my why. These are the reasons I work full time and go to school at night.  Without motivation or goals in life, whats the point? I think its important to set goals and strive to complete them. Never give up, no matter what life throws at you. Never give up!